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Mark Zeidler Electrical Contractor & Solar is the Expert in 240 Volt Caravan Electrical Services

You need to be able to hit the road with confidence and peace of mind before your next adventure so get Mark Zeidler Electrical Contractor & Solar to help. Our licensed technicians can service and repair your caravan or motorhomes 240 volt or solar system so you know your family’s electrical safety is top notch and compliant.  Seasoned travellers, weekend adventurers or full timers often need a safety check on a second hand purchase or want an upgrade to a ’new to them’ purchase’, but where to start? Our team of experienced electricians are here to ensure your electrical systems are equipped with safe, reliable, and efficient electrical systems for your needs.

Drive Confidently!
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Why Choose Us for Your Caravan Electrical Needs?

Specialised Expertise:
Mark and the team understand the unique electrical requirements of caravans and motorhomes. The team has the knowledge and skills to handle caravan electrical projects with precision and care.

Safety First: Knowing that your caravan has a safe electrical system is our top priority. We adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations from install, repairs and maintenance keeping you and your family safe.

Convenience: Convenience is key when it comes to caravan electrical maintenance and repairs. We offer flexible scheduling and mobile service options to suit your holiday dates.

Food truck fitted out with 240v electrics installed by a professional electrician Karana Downs Brisbane
Mark Zeidler Electrical Contractor & Solar installs 240v caravan electrics into vans and caravans Karana Downs Brisbane

Our Caravan Electrical Services Include but are not limited to:

Electrical Upgrades:
Enhance the functionality and comfort of your caravan. We can help with electrical upgrades such as additional power points and outlets, USB ports, awning lighting fixtures, and more.

Solar Power Solutions: With solar being an ever increasing option for caravans we can install new panels, replace components, upgrade and repair a range of concerns. Each caravan has its own unique power system to keep you off grid longer. We can provide advice with our solar panel installation services and ensure your system is safe for your family adventure.

Battery Systems: Ensure consistent and reliable power on the go with our expert installation and maintenance services for caravan and camping battery systems. From deep cycle AGM and Lithium batteries, inverters, and battery monitoring systems.

Safety Inspections: Protect your investment and home on wheels with our safety inspections. We conduct comprehensive caravan electrical inspections to identify potential issues, make required repairs or adjustments and ensure compliance with current Australian safety standards.

Emergency Repairs: When electrical issues arise unexpectedly, you can rely on our prompt and professional emergency repair services to get you back up and free camping in no time.

Call Us Today to Book Your Pre Adventure Electrical Upgrade or Safety Check

Make sure your caravan is ready for the next adventure. Get that extra power point or safety check completed today with Mark Zeidler Electrical Contractor & Solar caravan and motorhome electrical servicing. Contact us to schedule a consultation and secure a quote for your specific rigs’ needs.

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